Balanced Diet

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9/10/20233 min read

Balanced diet, diet plan
Balanced diet, diet plan


In today's fast moving world, maintaining a diet which is good for physical fitness and which easy to make and consumes less time have become paramount for leading a healthy life. Balance diet comprises of combination of variety of nutrients in the right proportion to meet body's nutritional requirements because it contains carbohydrate, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and fibers. You already know that carbohydrate provides energy, proteins aid in tissue repair and growth, while fats are vital for hormones regulation and cellular function. Do you remember Revital's advertisement? what is it advertised for? To make people aware that vitamin and minerals are as important as carbohydrate and protein and play a critical role in various bodily process while fiber supports digestion and gut health. Additionally, a balanced diet plan encourages you to stay hydrated by daily consuming an adequate amount of water. A balanced diet promotes healthy body weight, boost the immune system, reduces the risk of chronic disease, and enhances over vitality.


The right diet plan can vary depending on individual factors, including age, gender, activity level, and any existing health conditions. Diet plan can be made targeting three following factors (1) for those who wants to loose weight (2) for those who wants to gain weight (3) for those who wants to maintain weight. For those aiming to lose weight, a diet plan might focus on reducing caloric intake while still providing all necessary nutrients but for those aiming to gain weight, a diet plan might focus on increasing caloric intake, conversely for those aiming to maintain weight, caloric intake needed to be in midway i.e. neither high nor less. Ultimately, a thoughtfully crafted diet plan can lead to improved over all health, increased energy levels and a greater sense of well being.

balanced diet, diet plan
balanced diet, diet plan


A diet plan for maintaining weight in a normal person should focus on providing adequate nutrients while keeping calories intake balanced with energy expenditure. here's a general outline for balanced diet plan.

1. Eat variety of foods:

Include seasonal fruits, vegetable, whole grains, lean protein and healthy fats in your meals. this ensures you get a wide range of nutrients.

2. Portion control:

Pay attention to portion sizes to avoid over eating as over eating can lead to increased caloric intake.

3. Balanced meals:

Aim to have three main meals, two small snacks throughout the day to stabilize blood sugar levels and control excessive hunger.

4. Breakfast:

Consume whole grain cereal and oats with low fat milk or yoghurt/curd. Also include fresh fruit, like banana or berries to make your breakfast full of nutrition.

5. Mid morning snack:

To have healthy snack, you can have a handful of nuts or any seasonal fruit you like.

6. Lunch:

Your lunch should have adequate amount of protein with right combination of carbohydrate in it so you can eat one bowl of Dal (cooked lentil curry) with one bowl of rice or one bowl of any vegetable with chapati and one bowl of yoghurt/curd.

7. Evening snack:

Evening cravings are real and intolerable too so I have a quick solution for your craving, you can either drink any smoothie or a bowl of sprouts.

8. Dinner:

Now for dinner have something light like steamed vegetable with salad or a bowl of vegetable with chapati.

balanced diet, diet plan
balanced diet, diet plan


What's up buddy? Drooling over soft sugary drinks like Cola, Mountain Dew, Frooti etc. Buck up and remember you just thought of starting a new diet plan, so quench your thirst by water instead and assume that's your Cola. Similarly eating cake, sweets, fast food can be overwhelming but they can ruin your diet plan and your teeth too, though you can eat them once in a while. No diet can work wonders for you if you are not ready to move your body. Yes, you are thinking on point, I am directly pointing towards your exercise plan either home workout or gym workout. Don't forget to appreciate your progress while embarking this new journey and take photos or selfies to know how far you have come.